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CMSW has been serving the medical needs of union members for the last eighteen years. We are a multi-specialty disability medicine practice with locations in Brooklyn, Queens (Forest Hills), and Bronx, New York.

When one of your brothers or sisters get hurt on the job or is hurt and can’t work, they need a special kind of doctor. Member’s regular doctors, most hospitals and clinics don’t have the special knowledge and experience needed to get the member through the complex disability system. CMSW does. We will do what it takes to help the member get their entire Worker’s Compensation medical care, disability benefits (with retirement if necessary), and Social Security Disability if needed.

The BENEFITS of providing UNION MEDICINE to your brothers and sisters are:

  • We can gather statistical information on injuries and diseases that can be used to the union’s favor in labor negotiations and to help improve worker safety
  • We make it easy for members to be successful through the various disability systems
  • All medical services, including specialty referrals are managed by our staff
  • High quality, competent medical evaluation and treatment of the injured worker
  • We can reduce confusion and misinformation that is often given to members
  • Proper on-time documentation and paperwork for the job, union, insurance and court
  • Fosters loyal union membership
  • Maintains fraternal relationships even when injured
  • Worker’s Compensation Board Authorized and Board Certified in Environmental and Occupational Medicine
  • Helps to save money for the Union’s health benefit fund
  • Gives members the power and critical knowledge of what to do when they get injured
  • One-stop shopping for all of your health and legal needs
  • Hablamos Español

Why take a chance on just any provider to manage the health and welfare of your fellow members ? 

We are the doctors your union trusts, we are the doctors you can trust.

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