Important Workers’ Compensation Terms to Know

Independent Medical Examiner (IME)

An Independent Medical Examiner (IME) is a doctor selected by and paid by the insurance company to give an opinion as to the degree of disability and determine whether or not treatment is necessary.

The insurance company has a legal right to have you see an IME whenever they want. Do not miss or arrive late to your scheduled IME appointment or your Workers' Compensation benefits could be denied, terminated or reduced as a result.

When being examine by an IME, the injured worker has a right to:

  • Videotape or otherwise record the examination
  • Be accompanied during the examination by a individual or individuals of his / her choosing


Attending hearings is a part of the Workers’ Compensation process. The hearings are for the purpose of resolving any issues that may come up during the case by presenting evidence in front of a judge. The assistance of a Workers’ Compensation attorney is very important when taking part in these hearings. CMSW takes pride in making sure that our patients have the assistance of a competent Workers’ Compensation attorney that can preserve their rights and benefits.

Here are CMSW, our doctors assist our patients in their hearings by testifying on their behalf when requested to do so. CMSW also provides medical evidence to the patients’ attorneys to make sure that the attorneys are well prepared to represent the patients effectively.

Indexed Claim

When a file has been set up at the WC Board. You will get a notice in the mail with you WCB number on it. Bring it to your doctor and attorney.

Lost time

When you are out of work and lose money because of the injury or illness. You are eligible for wage benefits unless you are out of work more than seven days.

OC-110A Form

An authorization for you to allow the WC Board to release your WC records to your doctor.

C27 Form

Form used to reopen a closed Workers' Compensation case (except section 32 cases).

Temporarily Totally Disabled

This refers to a patient’s inability to do almost any type of work.

Temporarily Partially Disabled

This refers to a patient’s inability to perform many jobs.

Occupational Disease

A disease that is caused or partially caused by the specific type of job you do.

Permanent Partially Disabled

This refers to a patient’s ability to do some jobs but not necessarily his/her former job, because he/she has some limitation that is permanent.

Permanent Totally Disabled

This refers to a patient’s inability to work at just about all jobs

Section 32

The injured worker settles the case with the insurance carrier by accepting a sum of money in exchange for closing the case. Once the case is close under a section 32 it can never be reopen. The injured worker is in charge of taking care of the medical bills for his/her treatments, the insurance carrier is not responsible any more.

SLU (Schedule Loss of Use)

An evaluation that determines the percentage loss of usage of a limb which determines financial benefits for a certain amount of weeks.

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